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By Torsten


August 12, 2016

Yay the first post in regards to health. It’s a topic I really seek deeper understanding in. It’s so important for everything. Our bodies are the only vehicles we will ever have (as far as science goes today) and if we trash them, we will live either just short or unhappy. When I say unhappy I mean that feeling of being stuck in a defected body which clearly limits your freedoms.

This has nothing to do with disabled people of course. There are people born disabled and they still make the most of their lives and many are happier then people who got to start with a fully functional body.

I guess if you trash your body yourself, you will have to live with the burden that you did this to yourself. It was your own fault. No one to blame. So that seems harder.

Anyways, back to topic.

Yesterday my friend Chris wrote in the Laissez Faire newsletter about the longevity event he attended in Mexico. He met David Kekich who’s been doing research on extending human lives and reverse aging since two decades or so.

He also wrote the 100 Kekich Credos which I posted earlier.

Here is what I got from him. And keep in mind, that man has done immense research on all the topics. Google him.

  • Diet: Paleo but with limited animal protein
  • 24h fasting per week
  • 20 mins exercise – High intense training – Include: warm up/ cool down. Do about 8 sprints with 90 sec breaks
  • Stress management: Meditation / prayer/ gardening – focus on relaxing 10-20mins 2x daily
  • Supplements
  • Avoid obesity/ smoking
  • Visit an anti-aging doctor – Get preventative medicine
  • Enough sleep: 8-9 hours – dark room, quite

Let’s talk about some of the points in detail.

Paleo diet with limited animal protein. That means reduce meat and even eggs to a minimum, but stick with healthy animal fats like fish oil and grass-fed butter. Wherever possible (and I’m not perfect) avoid the obvious health killers like processed foods, sugars, grains and so on. This also means to minimize fruit-sugar. Eat lots of greens and veggies in general.This all has become pretty obvious for me at this point already. It’s also similar what Tai talks about and he’s surrounded by health coaches and read a hundred books on that topic. But that he also cuts out eggs is new for me. Remember, don’t just believe anything blindly. I always try to find the overlapping information/ opinion from many different experts. In regards to the eggs, well, Tai has lived on a farm and eaten two dozen eggs daily. Healthy pasteurized eggs of course. And then there is the oldest female bodybuilder who eats two dozen eggs every morning at 2 AM and goes for a workout. She’s above 70 and looks like 40. Even 30.

What I know for sure is that all our bodies are different and that there isn’t just one thing that will work for all of us. Nevertheless, it’s good to keep researching to refine your own opinion. Make sure you don’t become religious/ dogmatic about any kind of diet. That’s a dangerous place to be. Convictions are greater threat to truth then lies. I’ll look into the topic of eggs and see what I can find.

There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know. – Donald Rumsfeld


24h water fast every 7 days. Something I tried before while I was in China a few month ago. I did like 1.5 days I think. There is research all over the place and everything points towards positive effects on health. The detox from cleansing is inarguably though some people have overdone it and even got hospitalized. Like with everything, know your limits. Do everything in proportion. Alternatively you can do 17-18 hours between meals everyday like Moslems do during Ramadan.


24h water fast every 7 days for a long and healthy life 🙏🙃 #waterfast #healthylifestyle #thailand #meditatedaily #yogibear #healthylife


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I did 20h yesterday right away and I felt great throughout the day. Even energized and not really hungry. And the food for dinner tasted five times more amazing than usual! Though I need to admit that I allowed myself dessert afterwards. And not just one thing but three. Sugary coconut rice/ sugary sticky rice and a chocolate baguette. So I guess I messed up my detox quite a bit.

Next time I’ll only allow myself one dessert. Or maybe none. Step by step.

20 mins high intensity exercise has also been around since a few years. I’ve heard it from many corners and even pro-athletes using this method. It makes sense to me, reduces the amount of time I’ve to spent on it and delivers results. It’s the lions approach who needs to run very fast for just a short time to get his pray. Anyways, it works for me. I do power push ups during the day at random times. Probably I should get a routine into that too. But it works. Short but intense accelerates muscle growth and now that Kekich mentions it, I’m pretty sure it’s on the better end of things you can do for your health. You could do it with swimming, cycling, running or whatsoever. (He recommends warm-up for 5 minutes, 8x 30 second sprints with 90 second walking breaks, proper cool down). He also mentions that too intense sports like ultra-endurance will actually shorten your life. Balance baby.

Meditation is an obvious topic for me too. I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation over the last 4 month and I love it. All the successful entrepreneurs and health gurus talking about it. Research shows the tremendous health effects on your brain. It’s pretty obvious that it’s good for you.

Supplements are something I’ve no experience with. I kept seeing them as an alternative to healthy food but now I’ve to start wrapping my head around this limiting believe I guess. Even if I eat super healthy, which I’m not always, seems like you should still add supplements to your diet. Apparently it’s just super hard or almost impossible to get all the good stuff through food. I’ll look into it.

Nothing to say about smoking and obesity. Pretty obvious.

He recommends to get a good anti-aging doctor. Didn’t even know that exists. But makes sense, you wanna be using preventative medicine to avoid disases rather than dealing with them after they arise.

Love waking up with the sun and the birds 🙂 #workhardplayhard #lifestyle #digitalnomad #thailand #sleepingbeauty #dreambedroom #freedom

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Sleep is also common sense. I’ve heard it from many ends now. 8-9 hours good sleep is necessary. A friend pointed something out the other day. He said, if you meet a really hot girl just ask her how much she sleeps. From my experience there is truth on that. Hot girls love to stay in bed long and sleep long. Is that what makes them hot? What makes their skin beautiful? Well…

Alright that’s it for now.

Hope it helps. Again, don’t just look at one source and believe it. Don’t be dogmatic about any topic in life. The world isn’t black and white. Research, but research the right people. Don’t ask your unhealthy friend for advice. Go and look at the healthiest and longest living people on this planet and build your opinion around that.

Talk soon,


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