Control Your Reactions, Control Your Life

By Torsten


October 5, 2017

Yesssssaaa. I’m falling behind with my 1k words daily. Been busy the last days and couldn’t really execute my morning routine. Too late to bed, and early rising due to appointments. But, so much happening and I love it!

As I wrote a few days ago I had to spent this week in Berlin, due do a “bad day” on Monday. And as I wrote then, I could immediately feel that there was a big reason behind all that. The universe wanted me to stay here and I listened.

First thing I found was the Silicon Allee meet up on Tuesday morning. I went and good things happened! I met some very interesting people who triggered some really good ideas for my personal path but also for Better Me. I also got my first Dash coins and learned about the conscious community around it. Additionally I got a real good feel for what it’s like to live in Berlin. There’s so much going on, so many interesting people, so much progress on the cutting edge of tech and innovation. It’s just really exciting to be here and see what’s happening. And they’ve some sweet coffee shops of course 🙂

Tuesday was also the German unification day. A national holiday and in the evening I went with two good friends to the Brandenburger Gate to grab some Gluehwein and have a nice time. One of my friends here is working high up in the film making industry with amazing contacts into the overall corporate world in Germany. We’ve had some exciting chats about possible partnerships for Better Me with CSR’s.





Hanging with these nutters is always fun!! #freakfamily from @nomadconvoy 2017! #africanadventures #reunion #berlin #3oktober #funnyfaces #travelgram #germany




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In addition to that he got me on a VIP bus for tonight’s rehearsal of the Festival of Lights in Berlin. A massive event with huge sponsors and tonight they’ll drive around with the management to check if everything works fine. And I’ll be on board! Interesting opportunity. Let’s see what will happen!

Oh yeah, and this morning I finally submitted my South Africa visa application successfully. Finger crossed!

Another very exciting part of today was the 3D body scan which I did, to be beamed onto the TV tower in Berlin. For the Festival of Light’s they’re doing a “Beam me up” program, where people get scanned and then projected onto the tower. My time slot is Saturday 7 PM and 9 PM. Very much looking forward to see myself as a giant 3D projection on a TV tower.

As I thought, my stay here was a true blessing! Which yet again shows the power of our minds. It’s not what’s happening to us, but how we react to it. I took the downfall on Monday as opportunity. And lots of good things happened. That’s how life works. Take control of our reactions and you gain control over your life.

In positive thoughts,


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