My current morning routine in Kenya

By Torsten


October 21, 2017

What a beautiful start into the day. When I start my days as I intended to, it’s almost like I’m wearing different glasses. My attitude towards everything in the morning hours is defined by how I wake up. If I have the feeling of accomplishment early in the morning, it ripples through my day and makes anything else I’m doing SO much easier. Also it gives me a massive boost in positivity. I’m looking at the world through confident eyes, knowing I can conquer anything and everything.

Your morning routine defines who you are today, and whom you will become tomorrow.

My day just started. Usually I wake up 6:15 AM and I will probably push that to 6:00 AM by next week. I’ve started slowly. Changing my wakeup time every couple of days to a bit earlier.

First thing I’ll drink water. Then activate my intestines (toilet time). Then it’s time to hit the mat and do yoga. I really love doing it and I feel like a machine afterwards. Fully energized and awake. I really want to recommend this to anyone. It’s super powerful and your mind is sharp, ready to rock.

Usually now time would be up, our team would run around the kitchen and we would prepare breakfast. But today I’ve had more time so I sat down and started writing this.

I’ve had this routine when I was back in Thailand last year and also when I was at my moms place a few weeks ago. And I know how powerful it is to get your hardest work done early in the morning. In fact, it should be first thing.

For today I don’t have a hard task. At least none that I defined. So I jumped into writing. For tomorrow I will define the one hard task by tonight before going to bed. Like this I know exactly what I have to do and don’t need to waste time and mental energy on figuring out what I should do. The process of going through all your tasks to find the most important one will blur your mind and you’ll loose all the sharpness you gained by rising early.

So instead of messing things up I decided to make writing my first task.

Then during the day, when I feel overwhelmed with things and loose clarity I recommend to find a quite place and calm yourself with a 20 minute meditation. Though many people recommend to do this early morning too, I can’t really find the time for this yet. Not in this environment. One must balance things, and so I try. Also, when my mind is sharp like this, I don’t see the point to do meditation. After yoga I feel like I can conquer the world. It’s some kind of meditation too. And I feel I should use that freshly gained focus and energy immediately.

And once the voices in my head start to go round, I’ll withdraw for meditation to regain focus and clarity.

Another important practice for me would also be visioning. I haven’t done that in a while, because there’s nothing that I really want to manifest right now. I’ve these big goals, but I don’t really know that moment in time that I want to create yet. It’s till a blur and so I give it time to develop.

That’s it for this morning.

loVe and light

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