Going full-time Crypto

By Torsten


October 18, 2017

Jeeessssss time flies! I’m now back in Kenya since almost a week. How is that even possible. Wow. I’ve been keeping up my writing but more in private than in public. Though I also need to admit that I am behind with like 6k words. Which is so so.

In that regard I learned not to be to hard on myself. There are lots of things I am dealing with and I’ve to balance myself well. Set priorities right. And catch up whenever it’s possible.

Good thing is I really enjoy writing. It helps me to release. And that’s what I’m now going to do.

The last days here have been quite confusing for me. Returning to our project in Kenya pulled me out of the clouds and back on the ground. It’s difficult here to really think big, while dealing with so many small things on a daily basis. I also have a team that somehow relies on me. And at the same time I’ve my years goal in mind. With pressures me to move ahead with something.

And I think that something has become very clear to me by now. I’ll be going full on into crypto. It’s the future. It’s freagging exciting. It’s world changing. It’s a milestone in humanities evolution. And I know it represents everything I believe in. Freedom and decentralization. Returning the power to the people. I am already an evangelist for crypto, telling everyone about it. I have a passion for it. I have a purpose in it. And I see a massive opportunity to not only reach my million dollar goal, but go far beyond.

I am smart with numbers, I think logical. I understand technology. And I have the connection to humanity that it needs to bring such a technology into the average persons life.

From here onwards I will solely focus on this. Anything else I’ve been doing will be put on hold with the exception of Better Me. I will find the balance, or the right “out-of-balance” lifestyle to assure success in both. And maybe I can even find the gap to connect our development work with the crypto world.

So that’s it. I found my years purpose. I will become an authority in the crypto online space. I will work hard, learn, understand, research, and share my knowledge with the world. I will be an evangelist of this technology on all channels. And this will open all the right doors on my way.

The next step for me is to create a strategic plan for the next couple of month. Let’s create a rough draft right now.

Now – December: Kenya – Learn and start investing in ICO’s. I’m already invested in several currencies and alt coins. Starting with social media & creating a mastermind.
November: Mama visit Uganda/Kenya
December – February: Cape Town – Full on sharing crypto research on social media. By this time I should’ve made some good returns on ICO’s from this month, which will build trust. Doing model work for fun, connecting with wealthy people who need advise in the crypto space. Possibly starting my first crypto fund.
February: Spain – Blacksmith reunion
March – unknown: Possibly Berlin/ Amsterdam, growing network, authority, maybe creating a crypto house.

I’ll add to this on the go.

Oh and just as a catch up; I’ve received my SA model work visa!!

That’s it for now. We’ve visitors here, going to do a solar cooking workshop. Follow Better Me Kenya on Instagram & FB ;))



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