Holistic Healing Guidance

You are the dream and the dreamer.

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I offer a variety of tailor-made sessions and retreat spaces in Europe, for individuals, groups and teams to unlock the human potential.

“I believe every single human, deep inside, is powerful beyond measure. It’s that power, that light, that we are most afraid of. My calling is to support you to heal your Self, unleash your brightest light and experience authentic joy.”

Torsten Toto Joy

Book a Session

I offer a variety of tailor-made sessions and retreat spaces for individuals, groups and teams to unleash your authentic light.

Private Coaching

1 on 1 individual and executive coaching. Unleash your Self. Remember who you truly are with clarity and purpose.

Team Building

Unleash your potential as executive teams. Tailor-made sessions to re-ignite your teams full potential.

Group Retreats

Experience authentic relating and healing in community. Join one of my retreats OR book me to facilitate in yours.

Torsten Toto Joy

Sharing Authentic Joy

Having traveled and lived in over 45 countries, from mountains in China to rainforests in South America, to rural villages in Africa, I consider my Self a true global citizen with an African heartbeat. My journey took me into the depth of authentic being and my own transformation unleashed a deep calling to support others. It drives me to do things that most would consider crazy or impossible. Yet, over and over, I’ve proven that our only limitations are those which we set ourselves.

Outside of my healing work, I am the Ringmaster of the Story of Unconditional Love (SOUL) Circus, the Host of the Real TV Docu-Series Thrivors, the Cheerman of the educational non-for-profit Better Me Kenya and the Head of Magic Infusion at the Secret Sunrise movement.

I’d Love to Help

What I offer…

Eagle Eye: Leadership Coaching

Unleash your potential as executive team or individual. Tailor-made sessions around servant leadership, team community building, authentic communication and relating, limiting blocks and much more.

Deep Listening: Relationship Healing

Learn to navigate your relationships with ease and love, while staying true to your authentic self. Uncover hidden triggers, let go of anger and grief, see things through new compassionate eyes.

Being YOU: Unleash Your Authentic Self

A quest to find your original blueprint. Let go of limiting believes and constructs. Learn to express who you are born to be and experience the liberation that comes with it. You are powerful beyond measure and your authentic being is calling to come alive and shine brightly.

Wild Masculine: Better Men

Shine light on your authentic masculine and feminine energies. Uncover hidden patterns and blocks from childhood conditioning. Learn to love your Self, so you can actually love a woman for whom she is. Explore what it means to be a men in the twentyfirst century, find balance within and bring that balance into your relationships with women.

RealEase: Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. You don’t know what you don’t know. Why are you really feel negativly? Why do you beat yourself up? How can you get out of this nightmare? Uncover the root of your dis-ease, like a trauma in your past, and come to terms with it for ease to be restored.

Retreat Your Self

I host and facilitate a variaty of extra-ordinary retreats around the world. Join me to be, learn and grow.

My Approach & Philosophy

I am not your guru. I am not your healer. I create safe spaces for you to look within and support you on that journey as an authentic mirror. It’s only you who has the power to heal yourself, who can unleash your brightest light. If you choose to embark on this journey, I’d love to accompany you.



"Powerful intuitive healing & sharing tools to rewire & move my being towards joy & happiness, in all ways ~ physical emotional & spiritual"

Karen Christian, South Africa

"SHOOOO. LIFE CHANGED. I have been challenged and taught and pushed and pulled and forced and struggled and learned ease and connection and light and faith and harmony and love and joy and BEING."

Tahlia Rubin, United States

"Heartcentered, based in wisdom, with a powerfully uplifting, creative and very unique expression. The time and sessions I spent with you still vibrate in my heart."

Kilian Raetzo, Switzerland

"I thank Torsten for his ability to hold a healing space for me, his calm with every situation and his stable healing energy."

Anaïs Ribeyre, France

"If you want to go deep, manifest your dreams, start moving forwards and understand yourself and your relationship to others a little better then look no further."

Dough Mostert, South Africa

"Prepare to strip away each layer to search for the inner person you were meant to be, the person you have always been capable of becoming, the person you are!"

Kerith Coulson

"Torsten's ability to slow things down and see the subtle nuances in me, his authentic, courageous spirit that has enormous presence and his commitment to making a difference in every interaction, had a profound affect on my life."

Jillian Lambert

"Torsten is a truly incredible human being. His energy and permission to show up as your full self is his gift. Loving, non-judgmental and open. A truly beautiful human"

Brett Simpson