The foundation for a still unknown building

By Torsten


February 24, 2018


So much happened. And again, I failed to keep this blog up to date which in hindsight always feels bad. There’s just so much going in my life and keeping my writing routine just fell off the table. Something I’ll hopefully get back on with from now.

I’m currently back in Cape Town rejuvenating. It’s been quite a ride and I really need to recharge. To summarize, I spent 3 weeks between San Francisco, Santa Rosa and L.A. networking in the crypto and cannabis space before I headed to Barcelona for the Blacksmith alumni reunion.

There’s a saying that I picked up recently: Your network is your net-worth. And by that standard I actually reached my first #FF29 goal already by far and beyond.

But in terms of numbers in a bank account I’m not there yet. Though my journey in crypto makes it seem much easier to reach now.

Just now, before I picked my laptop to start writing here again, I had a little breakthrough that I really wanted to write in stone and share here.

My sister Nikky and many close friends call me an alchemist. Someone with the ability to take seemingly worthless elements and create gold = e.g value. At the same time something else kept shining through and that’s the fact that I’ve an engineering mind that naturally designs and optimizes things. So I also see myself as a kind of architect for life.

The last days I’ve been struggling to find meaning in what I was doing, because my doing was and is mostly related to make money in the crypto world. But that was a very superficial view on things as I had to learn today. I’m a more rational thinking person than emotional. And I always question myself and my doings to assure everything I do is aligned with my values. And somehow I lost a piece of the puzzle that I now finally found again.

A good friend of mine by the name of Jack gifted me a very important sentence recently:

You are what you do.

And that’s where my short-lived misery started. In my mind I knew who I though I was, but comparing it with what I did for the last few month I felt misaligned. Making money in crypto is just not me. And it never was. It needed some deeper listening and healing to REmember why I did what I did and why it is fully aligned with who I am and where I am going.

My 1st #FF29 goal is financial freedom. Basically a net-worth of over a million dollars. But I didn’t know why I needed the money. And as money is just a tool it’s pretty much worthless without the why. However, today I realized that I know the why. At least enough of it to give it the meaning that drives me.

Why do I need a million dollars?

To have freedom of time to do the greater things I feel called to do. And it’s totally okay that I don’t know yet what these greater things are. All I need to know at this stage is that I have to create freedom of time for myself so I am ready when the time comes.

Now, with making money in crypto I also realized how massively important the power of your network is. Thus, I traveled a lot during the last couple of weeks and even though these are quite high expenses, the return in value is infinite. Remember, your network is your net-worth. And this isn’t just a capitalistic view. Many of the people I had the pleasure and honor to connect with are highly purpose driven. Likes attract likes. And once we know what we are called to co-create it’ll take little but no time to pool our networks and resources.

While thinking about all this today a beautiful yet simple parable came through to me:

By freeing my time and growing my network I am building the foundation for a still unknown building, and so it must be as strong and wide as possible. – Torsten Kremser

Truth is, we don’t need to know all the answers. It’s enough to know just enough to move forward.


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