What ever can happen, will happen…

By Torsten


November 5, 2016

Of course shit like to hit the fan. All at once. Whenever possible. And, if you aren’t prepared for it because you live in a positive thinking dream, then… it might hit you harder then necessary.

Well, it just hit me hard but somehow I’m already over it.

Everything happens for a reason, remember?

Here’s what happened.

Just a few hours ago I arrived in Uganda and found a nice place to get some rest. Hong Kong has been a little bit too stressful. Actually, it wasn’t HK. I stressed myself about the whole banking shit. Never mind. At the end when meeting with the HSCB banker I felt really relaxed. Seriously. You are the fucking customer at the end of the day.

Anyways, I’m drifting. So I’m here in Entebbe in Uganda. Super excited for my mom to arrive tomorrow. I mean we planned this trip since a few month and I really couldn’t wait to show her this side of the world. And to make her meet Bery, Mama Dolfine, my team and all the kids. Instead I got a message saying that she broke her ankle and can’t come. F.U.C.K.

Looks like I wasn’t prepared for that.

It really really sucks. It really does. But I want to see the positive in everything. So this means change of plans and I might go to Cape Town earlier than I thought. This will help me a lot to focus even more on Nomad Convoy. From that point of view, it’s an advantage that I’ve those extra weeks free now.

But then there was another sign. I missed the Africa Burn 2017 ticket sale. It was Friday. I was busy writing emails for Nomad Convoy and totally forgot about the ticket. Now it’s booked out. F.U.C.K.

Does that mean I’m not meant to go? I mean there’s always a ticket somewhere somehow. But still, this all seems to point out something. As if things weren’t challenging enough yet.

Life is what it is. And it’s you who decides what meaning you give it.

So… just another challenge!

Hugs from Uganda,


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