Time to renegotiate

By Torsten


November 8, 2016

So my mom had to cancel her trip. Shit happens. We will have an even better time next year in April. At least that’s the idea for now.

I’m here at my friend Bery (www.berysplace.org) on the Ssese islands in Uganda. Beautiful place and every time again I’m astonished by the work Bery is doing here. There are over 40 young girls that call him a father. Not biological. He’s the foster father. But for the girls this doesn’t matter. They’ve found a loving and caring family at his place. It’s amazing what one human being can do.

And even though the place is beautiful and theoretically it’s a great spot to relax. You guessed it. I can’t. I’ve too much going on. Nomad Convoy is has taken priority in my life. It’s not just a passion project of mine. It’s a key building block for Better Me’s future. And for mine too of course.

I’m taking a big risk and a huge leap of faith but I truly believe we can make it happen. We’ve now over 100 applicants and the number is rising steadily. But the ticket sales are grounded. Nothing moves. I’m afraid the package I put together is not hitting the nail.

So yesterday I called the tour operator and restructured the tour. And what an amazing deal we might get now! If all goes well, we will be able to drop the cost significantly. This should encourage even the most hesitant person to take action.

The demand is clearly there. People are excited. They want it.

Fingers crossed for this.

Oh and all current ticket holders will get the new rate too. Transparent and fair.

Talk soon,



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