Spontaneous 10 Day Vipassana Meditation Retreat in Yangon

By Torsten


August 18, 2016

While walking through the rainy streets of Yangon (Myanmar) a bit earlier today, one of my favorite sayings came into my mind and stuck with me. It’s a saying that I first heard while backpacking Thailand in 2011. Almost 5 years later I’ve come a long way and feel like I developed a well-rounded understanding of it’s true meaning.

Everything happens for a reason

It really does. The questions that remain are; is the reason related to you, if so, is it related to you consciously or unconsciously?

Many people go through life unaware of the impact their thoughts really have. Once you set yourself a conscious direction, things that align with that direction start to come up. My friend Diego once described it like turning on your Wifi on a certain frequency. You are only receptive to certain things if you actually look for them.

Long story short; I was wondering about the reason that made me come to Yangon.

When I returned to my hostel I started chatting with two of my room mates and they told me about a Vipassana Meditation retreat that is going to start tomorrow afternoon. I had to google what Vipassana actually was. Basically it’s 10 days doing nothing but meditating. No talking, to gestures, no electronics, no writing, no anything. Just you and yourself.

I’ve heard about this before. There is one near Chiang Mai and it’s been on my list for a while. Especially since I started to do regular meditation which I feel helped me a lot.

I found this to be too much of a coincidence and since I had no plans for Myanmar anyways, I just decided to apply for the retreat.

I’m not sure I’ll get in, since it’s very spontaneously. But it’s worth a try. If I get in I’ll be 100% disconnected from the outside world for the next 10 days. That sounds pretty exciting doesn’t it.

Let’s see what happens next.

Talk soon,



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