Shit is hitting the f@cking fan!

By Torsten


October 24, 2016

Holy fuck. Sorry for swearing so much. It kinda helps though.

So here is what happened.

Yesterday I finally send out the prices to our applicants for nomad convoy. And I was really hoping to get very good feedback. And I did get some really good feedback. But then there was also an email that basically said “fuck off, delete all my shit from your servers and don’t contact me again. Ever.”

Wow. What did I do wrong? I’ve no idea…

Then, my team in Kenya send me updates today. They do that every Monday and I really love reading it! Generally I just love those guys!!


seems like today is a general “kick my ass” day. Because I messed up and they nicely pointed it out to me. Basically we will get 2 volunteers in the next… uhh… 3 days. Fuck. Really short notice and I only got approached by them 5 days ago.

In my mind, that was fine. I met them in Myanmar and so I was happy they would come to my project now for 2 weeks. But my team wasn’t that happy. Basically it freaked them out. Because they planned a trip to Uganda in the second week those two volunteers will be there. So no one will be there for them. And of course, it’s not organized at all. They had no time to prepare things and the way I allowed them in, doesn’t align with our policies. Which are aimed to make sure the children and volunteers have a great experience.

So I fucked up. Apologies.

I’m really happy with my team in Kenya. I can feel their enthusiasm. They really care for our project and I’m glad they are totally honest to me.

Then, our software (SaaS) product. We first promised to release it today. But we are late. And now we pushed it to Wednesday. Ugh..

Oh yeah… and I’m dealing with the Hong Kong bank stuff. At least I got a helping hand on that end now. Still a lot of work to prepare for my visit next week.

And of course, I’m returning to Uganda/ Kenya and my mom comes. So that doesn’t help to not stress me out..


Good to release all this.

So for today I’m messed up. The life of an entrepreneur!

Yesterday was great though. Did Meditation (also today), Yoga, Pool + Sunbathing  and even hit the Gym! And I had 2 nice meetings + watched Netflix (Joe Rogan comedy and then Matrix).

The ups and downs of life. There have to be downs, so you can have ups 🙂

Talk soon,


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