Just be yourself

By Torsten


October 21, 2016

During the last few days I tried to figure out the way “to sell” the tickets for Nomad Convoy. With help from my good friend Tanveer I tried to structure myself and the whole marketing process.

We worked it all out. The email collection, the follow up autoresponder and than the scarcity to get people to apply.

Once applied we would create a high reference price in peoples mind and then release our lower price. On top of that people will get the special price because they signed up early. Sounds all good.

Nope. And this morning I figured out why. It’s not me. It’s not personal. It’s mechanic and I hate that. I want that people know with whom they deal and why they can trust me. I’ve to build a relation and answer their questions.

At the moment we have 68 applicants and most of them seem to be really great and interesting people. I’m already excited to meet such a cool crowd in Zambia and show them around my favorite part of the world!

But of course, to make it happen I’ve to use marketing strategies. I just have to find a way to keep my personality in front of everything.

Let me get back to work.

Talk soon,


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