Might head to Australia!

By Torsten


August 7, 2016

Yeah my mind is a complete mess and I keep jumping on the next shining thing. But at least I know about it. I’m pretty good in observing myself to a certain degree.

Anyways, I was just listening to the Tim Ferris Show #173 with Chris Young from Chefsteps. He said something that made me click. Actually it was something his dad told him when he was young.

“Don’t worry about work. The job you are going to do hasn’t been invented yet.”

Dang! That’s such a release. It expresses my feelings perfectly. Every time someone asks me what I’m doing I take a deep breath and say something different then the time before. It’s just so hard to explain don’t you think?

I founded and manage a charity in Kenya which facilitates a volunteer program which impacts peoples lives. I designed and built a sustainable dome home which now screams for attention. I immerse myself into self-development and want to become the best possible me. I want to change the world. I want to inspire others to live their dreams. And I feel like my mind is such a mess..

Puh. I hope you got my point.

Anyways. He also said something else that I wrote down immediately.

“As much value as you are trying to create for the world, you have to capture some of that for yourself, so you can create even more in the long run. “

Yes, yes and yes!

Look, I’ve spent the last 20 month running my charity (now called bettermefoundation.org) and I didn’t earn a single cent. Yes you read right. I spent a lot of time and financially there wasn’t any return for me. Which is fine with me. But as we are living in a money driven world, I’m going to be broke pretty soon.

And then what..?

Of how much help can I really be to the world once I’m broke?


So, I’ve to make money. I’ve to earn it. And I will. The question is how.

And that’s where Australia pops in! The work and holiday visa is a perfect option for me to make good money and gain experience in new areas such as hospitality and farm work. I’m actually really excited to do physical work.

Crazy right? I’ve all the knowledge and skills it needs to built an online business but I prefer to work my ass of on a farm? Well, I think the whole digital nomad idea has some serious flaws but I keep that for another post. Just quick so you get my point: Why would anyone spent 8-12 hours in front of a laptop (and I don’t care where in the world you do that) only to create some kind of business that will go under as soon as you stop grinding for it? I mean, you spent the best time of your life creating something that has a very short expiry date.

I might build an online business in future but it would be something real. Something that I create. A unique product or service. Not just some affiliate websites, drop-ship shops, amazon products or whatsoever.

Look at all the time you spent on those projects which is not invested into “your baby” but instead lost. I understand some peeps do it just for the money. And once they’ve the money they can do what ever they are passionate about. Funny, that almost sounds like the rat race back home doesn’t it? Only that you created it yourself.

Still, it’s much better then the original rat race. No doubts. At least you are free to move around the world. Meet people, experience cultures. But don’t let this be your end goal. Keep in mind that it’s just temporary and that your real dream still  awaits. Just don’t get stuck in your own bubble.

Back to Australia.

Honestly I always wanted to see it as well as New Zealand. And there is never a better time than now isn’t it. And since I don’t have anything else on my list I might just do that.

I got a good tip today from a friend.

“It’s better to do and think, than to think and not do”

Meaning, just do something. Move forward in any way. Your real path will show up. The idea will come. The dream will clarify. Just do something. Move.

And that’s what I will do.

Let’s see how I think about all this tomorrow.

Sending good vibes,



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