Staying humble

By Torsten


August 8, 2016

I just woke up after a bit more than 6 hours of sleep. That’s because I only went to bed at around 2 AM. Every couple of weeks or so my mummy and me have a long phone call to catch up. Last night took 2 hours. I really enjoy those calls especially because she keeps impressing me with her thoughts. It’s like the more I personally develop, the more she does.

She’s well informed about what’s going on in the world. Definitely ahead of most people. It’s fun to talk and discuss our current knowledge regarding food and health.

But also in regards to finance.  Simon Black, whose Sovereign Academy I was able to join in 2015, taught me a great lot of things about our broken and corrupted financial systems and I keep myself updated through him and other sources since then.

His philosophy is simple. Have a plan B. Spread out your risk.

At the same time I read Robert Kyosakis books and mummy did too. It’s important to learn about money and really understand it. It’s the center of life on this planet and you’ve got to learn the rules if you want to achieve a good life. And I’m proud that she keeps seeking knowledge in all those areas.

She also asked about my next plans and I told her that I’ll be visiting Myanmar on the 17th when my visa expires and that I might go to Australia and New Zealand.

I know she would love to go to New Zealand and so we started thinking about her visiting for 3 weeks in October/ November. I’m really looking forward!

This morning, while thinking about working on a farm, I thought about an important attitude Tai Lopez mentions all the time. Staying humble. The successful and great people are humble. That’s what made them who they are today. So I want to stay humble too.

I’m excited to get hands on and learn about our food production on farms.

And it’s not that I couldn’t do anything else. I’ve been building and designing websites since I was 14. I know how to build biogas digester and dome houses. Electricity, plumbing, masonry, carpentry, painting, gardening, mechanics. I can manage teams. Organize events. Lead tourist tours across countries. Take amazing photos. Graphic design, video production, drop shipping, Amazon FBA, affiliate marketing, Facebook advertising, social media marketing, copy writing, email marketing, SEO etc. I know lots of things and have become a jack of all trades.

And I’m always willing to learn more.

I need to stay humble. Always and for-ever open to learn.

Talk soon,


PS: I know that on one point I’ve to decide what I want to master. What I want people to know me for. I just didn’t find it yet.

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