By Torsten


September 11, 2016

I’m SO FIRED UP!! 🙂 Ha! After months of trying to figure out what I should put my time into financially, I finally found it and hell I’m excited!

I’ve been working on my multi-level marketing business since a few days now and the first results start to roll in! The company I work with is called Juice Plus. I’ll give more details in a future post. You can just google it. It’s a 10 billion dollar company producing capsules made from 30+ different veggies and fruits. And it’s organic wherever possible. Basically they harvest them at their ripest time, juice them within hours, remove water, salt and sugars and what’s left is a powder of fibre, minerals and vitamins! It’s not a supplement. It’s literally like eating 30+ fruits and veggies and getting the best out of it. The next best thing after actually eating fresh organic fruits and veggies. Something that many can’t afford or simply just don’t do.

Anyways, so far I love the product and the overall business. Let’s see how it goes!

Today I spent the day with my 2 mentors/ up-line. We did a road trip into the mountains near Chiang Mai. It’s been such a fun and inspiring day. They are really humble people and obviously want me to succeed as much as possible. What’s good for me is good for them since they get a 4% cut of my sales.

It’s incredible to see how far they reached in just over 1,5 years. Making 5-figures per month and aiming for 7- figures/ year in the next 2 years. It’s nuts!

And the results of the products are incredible. We’ve tens of thousands real people who use the products in Facebook groups sharing their results! I’m super happy to get into this. The products really do help people to live a healthier and happier life and they will also allow me and my future team to do the same.

Next to that, my mom booked her flight to Uganda and Kenya in November. I found a great and cheap flight via Sri Lanka. Not a bad stopover for a week or two 🙂

Afterwards I’ll head to Cape Town in December and to focus on my upcoming events. The Digital Nomad World Summit and the Nomad Convoy. I’ll tell you details about both in a future post.

Super excited for the future!!

Sending lot’s of motivation,


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