For anyone coming across this blog

By Torsten


August 12, 2016

Yesterday I told a good friend about this blog and I didn’t think much about it. But now I feel a bit weird.

Not sure why.

I mean, it’s like a brain dumb for me. Mixed with a journal. So inarguably quite some private stuff I’m talking about.

That said, I don’t care about anyones opinion on this but always seek constructive input wherever possible.

I’m using this blog to free my mind. There’s lots of stuff coming out here and it’s easy to see that my mind has been a mess. The good old problem of having too many options and wanting to do them all.

And thats the solution to it! That simple. Do them all. What ever you have in mind, do it. Test it. Experiment. Get over it.

Now back to the blog. I’m writing it for myself and for no one else. If you like what you read, good. If not, move on.

Even these words right now; I’m writing them to assure myself that I can continue to write what ever I want. This is my blog.

Appreciate your understanding,


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