We Create the very Future We Envision – For Good or Bad – Here is how.

By Torsten


December 24, 2016

It’s this time of the year again when everyone starts to reflect on the past 12 month and thinks about the coming ones.

Well, writing this right now, I’m not feeling like putting my entire year into summary. Not yet.

So I’ll just keep it short and sweet.

Nomad Convoy is real.

Our departure is confirmed. And finally I can breath again. These last three month have been the most extreme I’ve ever experienced. Never felt I that stressed about something. But ultimately, it was just a fight with my own mind.

Believe it or not. Our mind and our thoughts create our surroundings. If you believe you will fail, you will. If you feel scared and worried. Things will become scary and worrisome.

I’ve created these last 3 month in my mind. And it was hell. But, it’s exactly what I had to do. It’s something written in thousands of books, but if you don’t experience it, you won’t understand it.

You mind is powerful.

And it’s programmed with a lot of shit. There’s stuff from times when we still lived in caves that’s active till today. But it’s messed up with our reality. I mean, why would I feel scared and worried about something like Nomad Convoy, where the worst scenario was just to cancel the departure and reschedule it?

Exactly. Nonsense. There’s a part of our brain that somehow connects failure with our survival instincts. Our alarm bells ring, we are stressed. A function originally programmed to help us survive, is now handicapping our success.

It’s deeply rooted and from what I’ve experienced, it’s not easy to unlearn. But even worse, it doesn’t just make us feel bad, it also creates the bad pictures in our mind and drives us toward failure.

Human psychology.

Fascinating. Reminds me of my times with the firefighter brigade in Germany. We’ve had many car accidents hitting trees. Like perfectly centered onto the tree. Theoretically the chances to hit a tree are way lower than to not hit it. A tree is tiny compared to the free space. But, our mind is fucking around. When ones looses control, our mind focuses on the biggest fear. It’s to hit a tree. And by focusing on it, our mind directs us right into it.

It’s a trap. You’ve to force your mind to focus on the positive. On the massive gap of nothingness in between the trees. Focus on the good outcome. That’s the same for our dreams.

If we just focus on the positive outcome, it’ll happen just that way. I’m not trying to play this down. It’s hard. Really hard. Your mind is fucking you. And you’ve to fuck it back.

The key.

Envision yourself, your future, as if your dream was real already. See it in all possible details. Speak confidently about it. Never doubt. Have faith that you can and will do it. The universe takes care of the rest.

That’s it. That’s the key right there.

Believe it or not, but the moment I switched from fear. From scarcity mindset, to abundance and power. To faith. To confidence. That moment, things started to fall into place.

We are the masters of our reality. We create the very future we envision.

And even though I knew about this since years, I never felt it so strongly.

The lessons I learned by creating Nomad Convoy have been of priceless scale. I’ve fought my mind and I’ve won. It’s something one can’t learn by reading. You’ve to reach that moment of challenge, by creating something so big, that it scares the shit out of you, and then, you’ve to overcome your fears and just make it happen.

I can’t speak from experience, but I believe this just opened a complete new world to me. I am now ready to take upon even bigger ideas. Because I’ve gained unprecedented confidence in my abilities. I’ve done it twice now. First with the Dome Home, now with Nomad Convoy. I know, if I set my mind into something, nothing can stop me. And by having faith, everything will fall into place.

It’s funny. There’s a quote I saw on Facebook from Robert Kyosaki.  It was something around the lines of “Don’t give up when times are the hardest. Because you never know how close you are until the miracle happens”.

The miracle happened.

Me celebrating Christmas 😋🌴☀️🌊#capetown #locationindependent #laptoplifestyle #remotework #digitalnomad

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Can you imagine the infinite possibilities once your mind is programmed the right way?

No doubt. That’s the single best investment in your entire life. Ever.


Merry Christmas folks.

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