I did it again. Co-Founder.

By Torsten


January 6, 2017

Life goes funny ways doesn’t it.

I’ve had the absolute honor to spent the last week with incredible human beings in beautiful nature. There literally no place on this very planet where I would’ve rather spent New Years then in Wild Spirit in Natures Valley, South Africa. This blessed piece of land is not only filled with natures most perfect creations, it also attracts a certain kind of human. And especially during this time of the year, the people that come together at this magical place are from another level of human kindness, consciousness and inner beauty.

But it’s not just the land that attracts these folks. By far not. It’s also the people, the incredible human beings behind the Wild Spirit Backpackers & Lodge, that put months of hard work and sweat into putting this festival together.

I’m forever grateful for these days.

It’s been another life changing part of my life. And I knew it would happen. Why? Because I’ve been here exactly 2 years back, before I went off to start Better Me. The people I met that time, and the advise and support I received, guided me on my path. And since then I knew I had to return. And I knew it would be even more special then the last time. It’s really hard for me to put all the gratitude I feel for this place and the people into words. So I just leave it like this and I hope you got my point by now. On the second night of 2017, after most of the crowd had left already, the remainders of us sat together in the yoga barn for a little (3 hour long) yam. We’ve had incredible talented musicians in one little room, playing freely by just following their feelings. I felt nothing but pure harmony and on one point fell into a trance-like state.

And then I received a vision.

The missing puzzle piece. Suddenly it all made sense. What I saw profoundly changed my future path and I’ll share with you just now what it is that I saw.

But first I want to recall the original vision of Nomad Convoy. Do you remember? 100 people, 5 trucks and our own little festivals with bonfire and life music along the way. But that vision didn’t realize that way. It couldn’t. Going with 100 people on safari is just not fun. So Nomad Convoy was never meant to become so big. But why did I envision it that way at first?

The answer came. Remember that I received the idea of Nomad Convoy during the 10 day silent meditation in Myanmar? And now I received a second vision. But this time it was more clear what I was meant to do.

Nomad Convoy wasn’t meant to be for just Digital Nomads nor for just Entrepreneurs. It was meant to bring together incredible human souls. Take them on a journey together. Spread joy, hope and happiness. And it wasn’t meant to be a safari tour but a journey. A journey across Africa. A journey that will change countless lives. The ones with us and the ones we touch on the way. Creative artists, musicians, activators and doers joining together to create Soul Circus. A convoy of beautiful souls on a mission to transform communities on their way.

Yes, that might sounds fluffy but read what happened the next morning.

When I was just about to pack my stuff to leave, I ran into Nikky. She’s been playing a incredible theatre at the festival and created the Joy-Movement. Spreading joy for children in hospitals across the country since 13 years. She’s one of a kind of beautiful human being. And for some reason I mention my vision to her. And suddenly the universe stand still. She pulled out her phone and showed me photos of exactly that vision which she had dreamed about since 3 years already. Now that’s what I call magic.

The next day we drove back together and brainstormed for 7 hours and half way through, we Co-Founded soulcircus.org. It’s going to be real with our first test departure happening in June in partnership with Nomad Convoy. The real convoy will leave in about one year from Wild Spirit and go onto a year long journey across southern and eastern Africa.

I’ve had to realize a lot of things about myself. One of the most important was that I love being outdoor. I’m a lion and my home is Africa. It’s here that I feel energized and free. Being on the road with the wind in my face, feeling the life between my toes when walking through a forest, getting hands on, creating, building, doing, changing things. That’s me.

Maybe I’m not meant to create a billion dollar company.

Or maybe it’s just not yet time. Either way. This last year showed me what I really don’t want my life to look like. What I mean by that is the sickening stress and the long hours of computer work when I was in Chiang Mai.

When I put my passion into something it needs to have a higher purpose. I’m meant to do meaningful work and only then I’m aligned with my purpose. Only then I’m in the flow. Only then I can be truly happy and fulfilled.

Having yet another project on my shoulders doesn’t make my life easier. And it’s been two confusing days since I’m back in Cape Town. But finally I got clarity again. Sometimes I’m just overwhelmed with all my crazy ideas and projects. Especially when they’re not very related. For me it seems impossible to focus on the ONE thing. I’ve just too many responsibilities and dreams. At least for now.

That said, one of my dreams was also to become an actor. Or at least have that experience. And Nikky’s vision of Soul Circus actually includes a reality show of our journey. Tadaa! Acting. Done.

Happy and joyous 2017!

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