1826 Days Later

By Torsten


June 11, 2017

It’s been a ride. That’s for sure. And even though it feels like an eternity, I know it’s just been the very beginning of… this… my life.

Today, 5 years ago, I touched African soil here in Kenya for the very first time. And what happened since then almost seems like a scripted movie. Wau. I’ve probably crossed 60+ borders and made hundreds of real connections with people across the planet. But I see my biggest achievement in the person I’ve become. My mind has been rewired into a permanent state of extremely high consciousness. I feel it’s hard to explain. But that might just be my feeling. Basically I can constantly see myself from a third point of view. One that analyzes everything I do, everything I say, everything I feel. It’s a programmed feedback loop. I can even see my subconscious movements and decisions. In a conversation I can step back, see how my gestures sending certain signals. And I analyze everyone else around me. I see how their subconscious is mimicking my movements. I can read faces, behaviors and even energy that people radiate.

My sixth sense has become an uber trained muscle. But my learnings are still very incomplete. Many times I find myself insinuation where I feel exactly what’s going on, and intuitively know whats needed, but can’t seem to deliver exactly that. It’s complex. Humans are very complex beings, or run very complex programs. As we know, every action causes a reaction. And once you know the basics of someones program, you know what buttons to press, what actions to take, to get the reactions you want.

This of course, sounds like manipulation. And indeed it is. But the truth said, this is something we do subconsciously all the time. We do it to get what we want. And once I realized this within myself, I started to read it in others naturally. Life is a strategy game, isn’t it 🙂

I’m currently in back in Kenya, sitting under some trees in the back of our yellow dome home. This place, the Korando Educational Center, truly underwent a beautiful transformation during these last few years. Thanks to all these wonderful souls that found their way here, and took part in the transformation. I’m excited to see what’s yet to come.

I’m not sure what state of mind I’m in right now. I’m feeling centered. But also a slight anxiety to do something. Especially yesterday I felt unsettled again. But also tired. We’re working hard, daily, to keep things moving here. Much of my work by now is mentally. If I’m not in the right headspace, I can’t work towards the bigger picture. Imagination takes a heck of energy. Creating the future in my mind is time and high energy consuming. It’s something I’ve to learn for myself. I can’t do all kinds of ground work while at the same time expect to be able to work on the bigger picture with full capacity.

I’m not really sure what I actually want to share right now. There’s too much within me. Seems like I waited too long again.

Well, let me tell you where we are at right now. And then I work backwards. Yesterday we had a guy from a local Biogas company visiting. Very passionate and interesting character. And his technology sounds extremely promising. But it also could’ve just been a great sales pitch. Though by now I feel like I can sense peoples underlying agendas and he seemed to be rainbow warrior type. One that wants to make a big, positive, change in this world.

I’m intrigued and feel like there’s more to that. I see an opportunity. And I see someone that worked hard on creating something world-changing, but needs help to get it off the ground. And I know I can do it.

Then there is LakeHub here in Kisumu. A small co-coworking/ network and innovation space for mostly software developers. They’ve created a small eco-system for such digital workers already and hosted several training courses, and even a google event. They’ve also been participating in the yearly Technovation challenge for girls. One of their teams came from our center and the personal transformation our girls went through within 3 month was impressive. Now one of their other teams from Kisumu was chosen into the finals. They are 1 out of 6 teams to be going to San Fransisco in August. And 1 out of 15000 teams that participated. How insane!

That success, coupled with their idea of creating an Academy for software developers as a business, coupled with my knowledge and network in the Digital Nomad scene, coupled with ideas of coworkations here and leveraging the infinite networking possibilities that LakeHub can offer in future, made me go into talks about a partnership and ownership into their venture. Again I can see crazy possibilities here. And it could be our direct link from Kisumu to Silicone Valley.

Plus, I’ve also played with the thought of creating a High School Academy via online video courses, alternative education and self-development. Software-development to achieve a location independent lifestyle could be just one building block of this.

Now I basically only talked about the last few days. It’s hard for me to summarize a bigger section of my life. I’m experiencing just wayyyy too many things that I’d love to share.

My life is challenging, beautiful, fun and fulfilling. And I love it!

Today I set myself the goal to design a daily routine, starting tomorrow. I really want to get back into yoga, meditation, time for writing, reading and just general time management to increase my mental effectiveness. There is so much to be done and I really want to get stuff done as quick as possible.

Yeah, I just love to get shit done 🙂

With loVe from Kenya

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