Millionaire by the age of 30

By Torsten


September 20, 2017

Here we go. For whatever reason I’ve this goal in my mind and I’m eager to follow through with it. It bothers me that it’s a financially driven goal but I’ll find my way around it. At least the financial side makes it rational and trackable. I can build a plan around it and I can easily see if I’m on track or not. Numbers just don’t lie.

The how is the fun part. I’m actually really exciting to go down this alley. I’ve been looking for the ONE thing. My product that I can create and scale to change the world. Until I had an epiphany just a few weeks ago in which I realized that the product I was seeking was in front of me all the time. To be more precise, it was in front of me while looking into the mirror.

I am the product. I am the service. I am the core of the company I am going to build.

This might sound nuts but I’ve seen myself on stage, in front of thousands, almost like Tony Robbins.

I might or might not be the next Tony Robbins. That will depend on how far I want to take things. And I might just take them to that level if I really like what I am doing. But for now I’ve a short-term goal that is numeric. It’s US$1.000.000,00 net worth by the 29.09.2018. Right now one could actually argue that my net worth is negative by a few thousand. So it’s quite an ambitious goal but I know I can make it happen. It’ll take focus, hard work and a hell lot of time. Well, the time is limited by about 374 days, starting today.

So, why do I want a million bucks net worth? That must be my ego. I want to be able to say that I’ve been a millionaire before 30. Though it might be my ego, something else plays into this as well. Something way beyond my ego. And it’s the excitement of being able to help millions of people. Of becoming a public figure that stands for making the world a better place. Somehow I believe Better Me will play right into all this. My career as motivational speaker/ coach/ mentor and author will play parallel with scaling Better Me. In fact, I will be a representation of Better Me. It’s all I care about. How can I inspire people, the world, to become the best version of themselves, thus positively impacting the lives around them and their own.

Now it’s just to define a clear goal, and an action plan to get there.

I stick with the  US$1 mio for now, because I know if I made that much money, I must’ve helped a LOT of people on the way.

So, how do I get there.

I’ve about 12 month. So if I create a business today and double it every month, how much would I need to make the first month to reach my goal after 12 month?

Hm. I’ll do this in Euro now, as it’s here where I’ll make the money. And with the strong Euro I should reach the million US$ even easier.

  1. €1000
  2. €2000
  3. €4000
  4. €8000
  5. €16000
  6. €32000
  7. €64000
  8. €128000
  9. €256000
  10. €512000
  11. BOOM! 
  12. Madness!

That’s insane. And I’ve still 2 month left. Doubling every single month is quite unrealistic. But hey, it’s a rough guideline. And why not.

So, let’s make €1000 in my first month. For this I basically just need to sell out a room of 100 people at €10. Considering costs, I might need to do it twice in the first month.

The next month I sell out a room of 500 people.

And the next month I sell out several rooms of 200 to 900 people.

In the 4th month I’ll develop some kind of online program which I can sell. I might also need to have my first book finished by then. Only online sales will allow me to reach my ultimate goal.

Month 5, 6 and 7 are still workable with live shows, online sales and maybe even 1 on 1 coaching.

In month 8 I will need online sales of… let’s say 20000 downloads of a €6,99 book, plus shows, coaching, online courses.

Doubling that in month 9 might get me to my limits. Maybe merchandise could do it.

In month 10 I will need a miracle. And I’ll get it 🙂


That was easy.

Now let’s think how that timeline aligns with my travel schedule in reality. Basically not at all. I’m flying to Kenya mid October. And I planned to stay till just after New Years, and then fly to Cape Town to dip my toes in the model and film industry. And I would be back end of March.

Additionally I got an offer as Advisor for a startup in Melbourne, starting January. How is that supposed to work?

Dang Toto, why does it always need to be so complicated.

What am I gonna do? How can I, if at all, combine all this?

For sure I can shorten my Kenya visit. I’ve put everything into place to make myself obsolete in regards to ground operations. So I’m not needed there for long. But do I give up on the opportunity to dip my toes in the model industry in Cape Town?

Am I gonna fly to Melbourne? Both options sound like fun, but both don’t align with my goal. Right? I mean, if I travel, I won’t have the same focus as if I was in Germany to pull this off.

I’ll need some time to let this sink in and decide.


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