Off to Myanmar

By Torsten


August 17, 2016

I was a bit quite during the last days but lots of stuff happened.

On Monday I moved out of my friends apartment and into a hostel. Quite a change. I knew I felt way too comfortable in that apartment and being back in a  dormitory brought me back to reality. I’m almost broke and this is my life. The pain was immediate. I know I don’t want this life anymore. I want to live on my terms. I want to travel as a backpacker because I want, not because I have.

It’s good to get back to the bottom. Well, it’s not really the bottom but it’s a big downgrade and just makes me even more aware of my financial situation. I’ve to start doing something. Time for “finding the right thing” is running out. Soon it won’t matter how I earn money, because the importance will shift to just make money.

Even though I didn’t sleep well those last nights I need to say it feels good to feel the “pain” again. This will give me new inspiration and drive to take action.

On Tuesday (yesterday) I finally recorded episode 14 of The Toto Experience Podcast! Felt really good to do it again. I enjoyed it and it’s been very insightful. I had my buddy Kai Law on the line. He’s currently in Saigon and we talked about his journey to become successful with Amazon FBA. Something that interests me quite a lot as I can see good potential.

In the evening I met with my inner-circle homies Anthony and Tanveer. We ended up having a night of good food (we love our veggie food) and Kombucha while talking fun and discussing big thoughts.

Today another friend of mine, Riley Bennet interviewed me on his TV/podcast Living That Life. We talked for about 1.5 hours about my journey and the person I’ve become through it. It’s been very empowering for me to talk about myself and made me once more realize how much I’ve experienced and achieved already. I’m really grateful for my journey and the life I am able to live. I know everything will work out.

I’m on the right track, that’s all that matters.

Tomorrow morning I’m off to Bangkok and then Yangon. I’ll be spending some time exploring Myanmar before returning to Chiang Mai. I might even hop over to Cambodia and pay a visit to Siam Reap and the coastline. It’s the first time ever that I travel with just my daypack for such a long time. I decided to go as minimalistic as possible and leave my big bag here in Chiang Mai. It’s weird but also feels good. I feel much lighter (literally like 15kg less). Even though this bag is almost all I own, there is still stuff in it that I didn’t touch since months/ years.

I will use this trip to one more time explore the worst case scenario. The bottom line that so many of us fear. I’ll be traveling a new country with just a handful of things on a very low budget.

At the same time I use it as a great opportunity for my team in Kenya to become even more self-sufficient and independent of me. I know that if I want to achieve financial success in the next months I need all my energy and focus, thus I’ve to reduce my time spent on my Kenya project.

Let’s see how this all will work out eventually.

Talk soon,


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