My podcast is dying..

By Torsten


August 9, 2016

Ugh, almost 3 weeks since I published the last episode. Can’t believe it. And now that I’m off to Myanmar I won’t be able to record anymore episodes.

I really need to think about this. I know I want to continue it. I enjoyed it so much. Not sure what happened. Maybe the Better Me project just took over and I didn’t spent anytime on the podcast anymore.

I feel bad about. I don’t know what’s going on.

Is this just another example of me starting something and not continuing it?

Am I just another generality that never sticks to anything? After thousands of hours of self-development I’m still stuck with my those biases.


I’ll bring it back to life and make it greater than ever!

I guess the thing I was lacking is knowing what the show was actually about. So far I’ve just talked to inspiring personalities but it’s not been really concrete for any market or niche.

Again, I’m a generality because I was unable to decide for a specific topic. Damn!

The funny thing is that the one thing that makes me struggle in all my business areas is very simple to solve. I just have to decide who I want to be. Whom I want to serve. I just have to pick a niche.

But I don’t. I’m waiting for the perfect one and hope it just crosses my mind one day. Even though I know that I should start do anything instead of waiting.

How is it possible that I know my problem and the solution but still stay stuck?

It’s fear.

Fear to do the wrong thing. Fear to make a bad choice.

So, let me think whats the worst case that can happen. If I pick the wrong niche. Let’s say dog trainers. And now I’ve clients and all that stuff and realize that I don’t like it and want to do something else. Is that a problem? Well, at least I gained experience. The time wasn’t wasted as it would be without doing anything. And there is no rock bottom to hit. Even if it’s a bad niche, the worst I loose is time.

Reminds me again what my mentor Tai always says. Think life as doing 2 week experiments. Test everything. A failure is an experiment run too long. So I could literally just try things and cut them off if I don’t feel good about it.

Though with a podcast I won’t be able to just jump around niches.

Whom do I want to serve….?

Let me sleep about this.

Till tomorrow,


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