It’s coming full circle

By Torsten


August 9, 2016

Alright, thanks to my mentor Tai I just came across a guy from New Zealand called Sam Ovens. A self-made millionaire in 4 years.

And of course he’s selling something. In this case, a course on how to become a six to seven figure consultant.

So I went and checked him out across the internet. I watched some older videos just to get an idea about his character and personality. Seem like a good guy and what he talks is great knowledge.

Something that stuck with me immediately was the following he said

The answers are always hidden in the basics.

Dang! Yes, that’s so true. He kept talking about how we overthink all the advanced things like colors on our website and what software to use etc. but actually don’t even have the basics right!

It’s exactly where I always get caught up and I know it. I keep designing and tweaking websites instead of focusing on the product and getting customers.

Talking about the product. His advice is simple but brilliant and I kept overseeing it… even though I knew it deep inside. I’ve heard it too often already but kept on ignoring it:

Whom do you want to serve and what problem do you want to solve?

So at first, decide whom you want to serve. Decide what niche market you want to help and then go and ask around and research. Find out what their biggest problems are.

Pick one problem that you want to solve.

Next, ask your niche if its of real value to them if you would solve this. If so, ask if they would actually pay for it.

Of course, many might say yes and later won’t actually put the money down. So, the last step is simple. Get people to pay in advance for it.

Simple but brilliant. And I feel stupid that this didn’t click earlier with me. Like I said, it was back in my mind but stayed suppressed.

Well, one of my driving reasons that I want to go to Australia, New Zealand and afterwards the U.S. to work and start a business, is that it’s where the markets are. That’s where I can dive into niche markets and listen to their problems.

Being out here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is a great life outside the system. But in this case, that’s actually the big problem. How can I built a business if I don’t even know whom I want to serve? If I’ve never even met those people? Never listened to their problems?

So here’s my plan: I’ll go to Australia/ New Zealand and take jobs in:

  • Sales: to learn the ins and out of salesmanship. If you can’t sell you can’t operate a business.
  • Farming: to learn about our food production and possible problems to be solved. We will always need food and I can see huge potential in the future of healthy food production.
  • Hospitality: to perfection my customer service skills and experience the food and beverage industry first hand.
  • Marketing: that’s obvious. I might even start consulting right away with the knowledge and experience I have in digital marketing and as I wrote in another post earlier; Australia is apparently years behind in the digital age. Sounds like opportunity!

While doing that I will set myself financial and health goals too, to make sure I stay on track. More on that another time.

And my mummy might visit me so I’m excited to explore New Zealand with her!

When dipping my toes in all those industries I most likely will come across opportunities and problems to be solved. And that will be my foundation.

Once I make good money I will be able to finance not only myself, but enable my mom to live the good life too and completely support my foundation in Kenya. No more hustle to get donations. I will earn it for all of us.

And this will bring me on track to one of my life’s goals: Improve 1 million lives.

I will make it happen.

Talk soon,


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