Last night I felt like being social

By Torsten


August 11, 2016

Last nights beer & entrepreneur meetup at Beer Lab turned out to be interesting and inspiring in many ways. I passed by to see if anyone was there and when I saw a good group of new people I decided to stay. Even though I haven’t had dinner yet. Something urged me to stay and meet new people rather than eat.

I guess as a German it’s okay to have a beer instead of a meal. Anyways, the group was diverse but I stuck mostly with one corner. They were talking about the madness of living in Thailand and here and there I put some comparison to living in Kenya.

Later on I had a good conversation about problems and opportunities in Australia and New Zealand. We also talked about subscription products/ services.

Some brilliant and simple ideas.

What really fired me up though were two things.

First, one guy from London with great business expertise, just started a business here in Thailand “over the weekend” because he was missing something. He’s 50 subscription customers since almost one year without doing much for it.

Why do I have such a hard time to start a business when others just pull it off like that?

This only adds to a conclusion I already made: I’m not a consumer. I’m outside the system. My needs are minimal. People like me don’t have money.

I have to change that. I’ve to get back into the system to understand the needs, desires and problems of a market.

Second, a guy who runs a 6-figure subscription business. He started off in real estate in Australia, got tired of it and started what he’s doing now. He’s a perfectionist and designer just like me and learned to control himself through others. Have deadlines imposed through partners, so you finish things. We talked about the problem of being a perfectionist is that you tend to never finish something when you’ve no one to hold you accountable. Remember what Tai says. Sometimes good is perfect enough.

He also turned out to be very thoughtful and aware of life. It’s such a breath of fresh air to talk to a similar mind.

I’m sure I could learn a lot from both of them.

Talk soon,



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