Hugs from Ubud, Bali

By Torsten


October 6, 2016

I didn’t even take the time to write here since almost 3 weeks. Wow. What does that mean for me? I almost feel like I keep myself busier then I actually am. Like as if I try to fill the day with work to feel good. I know there is truth on it.

I pressure myself to work the entire day. Since months. I mean really, how effective can I be that way. And I realized that when I have deadlines or meetings, I always get shit done in time. But otherwise I’m just floating and doing stuff.

I might want to read Tim Ferris’s stuff again. Efficiency vs effectiveness. I know I’m not effective. I’m disorganized and my mind is filled with all kinds of stuff that I’m dealing with on a daily basis. Right now for example I’m coordinating my team in Kenya + our partner NGO in the US to get needed funds till tomorrow to pay school fees for our high school students. I called Mama 2 nights ago and she said, if we don’t pay the outstanding balance, the students will be refused to write exams. Such bollocks. But there is so much more I don’t even want to dive into. Dealing with so many lives and different cultures is not an easy task and shit always hits the fan. That’s the bottom of the iceberg when it comes to Better Me. On the bright side there are also lots of things that work out really well. It’s still a huge learning curve and lots of work but I’m super lucky having such a great team on the ground. Then Nomad Convoy is now a mayor part of my life and I’m dealing with all kinds of random stuff in all directions! Dang! This starts with incorporating a HK company and getting a bank account to planning the route and figuring out the pricing. It’s a lot of work and I’ll add to the team very soon. But first comes DCBKK’s mastermind session. I hope this will bring me the heads up I need to get this off the ground! I mean it’s already great. Lots of feedback and 30+ applications! I’m very confident I hit a sensitive niche there. It’s so unique and such a great opportunity and I’m just super excited about all this. My goal is to create the best experience possible. Those 70 peeps will reach Cape Town after having had blast. I want them to talk about this for years to come! So I’ll totally over-delivery, no matter the cost. Epic is the goal. Then there is Juice Plus. I stepped back from the actual marketing, instead I joined forces with my homie Tanveer and we are building an SaaS product for my JP team. The dashboard will make their life a million times easier by automating most tasks and increase sales using split-testing and data analysis. This is going to be so amazing! I can’t wait to have it going. Those guys will wonder what to do with all the time they safe now 😉

Basically I’m dealing with tons of unrelated things and it obviously has an impact on my mind. It’s messy and disorganized. Also I realized that I don’t take time for my physical shape. This morning I finally went on a bike ride for sunrise. It was super beautiful and I enjoyed the exercise. There are some damn steep roads around Ubud.

At least I’m eating well. That’s one thing I keep watching out for. Or rather do it subconsciously I’d say. Lots of veggies and sometimes fish. And avoiding dairy milk when ever possible. So don’t be mad at me. I’m neither Vegan nor Vegetarian. I take life easy and don’t want to stress much about it. Though here in Ubud it’s easy to be Vegetarian and I enjoy the food so much!

Anyways, I’m not a nutritionist so don’t listen to what I do!

So I’ll be back in Bangkok on the 11th Oct. to meet up with my friends Mish and Lauren (Founders of Greenpop). They got me into the Sustainable Brands conference on the 12/13. Then on the 14/15/16 I’ll be at DCBKK and around 17 back to Chiang Mai. On the 1st Nov. I’ve a flight to HK and on the 4th a flight to Uganda to meet my mom. We will visit my friend Bery ( and then cross the border to Kenya and stay at my project (

From Kenya I’ll fly to Cape Town in December, meet up with the Nomad Convoy Team and get all the details planned and structured until February.

Sounds like a plan.

Big hugs and talk soon,


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