Finding my way again

By Torsten


September 28, 2017

I’m only one day away from my 29th birthday. Today I started to implement my routines again. After the typhoid infection I haven’t had the energy for quite a while but now I feel great again. I am back!

I started the morning late. Slept over 1,5 hours longer than planned. Though I didn’t use an alarm and I didn’t go to bed early enough. So I woke up at 8 AM after 9 hours of sleep. Which is a healthy amount.

Immediately after leaving my (couch) bed I drank 0.5L water and started doing 30 minutes yoga. This was followed by about 10 minutes of exercise. I planned to do meditation right afterwards but as I’m late I skipped it and might do it after. Because I want to write my 1000 words before I jump on the “Soul Circus travel within online” group call at 9:30 AM. So I’ve about thirty minutes now, which should be sufficient.

Yesterday I spent way too much time working on this website to make it look sexy for the next year. Well, I guess it was worth it. Though I’m till not settled if I should really use my private domain for this blog, or if I should create a brand. From what I’ve seen, people create blogs under brand names and use their private website almost like a business card. Showing what you are doing, achievements and what you are offering in a quick way.

So I might do that too.

And move this blog under a brand name which I first need to come up with. During the last 5 years I’ve had probably 20+ websites which is crazy. I’m almost building them asleep. It’s so easy for me and every time I’ve an idea that I think is worth trying, I go, buy the domain and build the website. And within 2 days it’s live.

So I might actually do some web design work if the cause is right and the money is worth it.

But that’s just a backup. It’s a skill I’m not really wanting to monetize. I’ve much better things to offer to the world. First and foremost, my mind. I believe (hopefully no falsely) that I’ve built a very powerful toolbox over the years and that I’m able to help a great amount of people to find clarity, reason, motivation and possibility in their own life’s.

But I’m also aware that I’m not wanting to be just another “life coach” dude. I’ve way more to offer than that and it would hold me back from other things I’m really excited about. Such as the blockchain. A good friend of mine was at the Nexus summit in Aspen just a few days ago and I watched several videos from the conference on youtube. The so called leader of the blockchain movement seem to be very good on the technical end of things (nerds) but I felt quite a vacuum on the human side. There’s need to bring these two worlds together and I feel like I would be great bridge. The talks also made me think about who’s currently invested into the blockchain. There are religious like believers, investors and people who seek the quick buck. It’s a very interesting mix.

As I see it, Bitcoin and the blockchain will still have a rough ride for quite some time. And who knows if Bitcoin will actually stay the gold standard. There are so many coins out there, that are built on Bitcoins principles but have much better designed technology behind. So there’s surly a possibility that the democratized crypto world will follow another path. At the end it’s the people who can decide. Which is the beauty and maybe also the beast of the future. It makes education even more important.

In a decentralized world education is the key to the future. Everyone can do, without any barrier, what he wants to do. There’s no entity that holds you back, nor that protects you. You have to be informed to make decisions by yourself. And you can only be informed if you have had access to such education. Decentralization also brings democracy to the next level. Every one has the same possibilities.

But there’s still a lot to figure out. Right now we can see a centralization of Bitcoin into server centers, because the individual just has no chance anymore. Furthermore, these server centers have to be in countries with dirt cheap power like Iceland and China. Now we are centralizing the Bitcoin network, which derives it’s power and security from decentralization, into a few places. If we can’t figure out a way to allow anyone, everywhere, no matter the cost of energy, to have the same opportunity in the network, than Bitcoin will fail. Or at least, it’s underlying idea will fail.

At the moment it seems that electricity is the key to power in Bitcoin. Which is a dangerous backdoor.

Maybe that’s a problem I’m supposed to work on. Figuring out a way to bypass this. To make everyone, no matter where in the world, equal. But first I’ll have to learn more about the technology. And I believe there are others already working on this. So let me do my research and see.

Either way, and exciting area to work in. And right now, there also seems to be money on the floor once you know what you are doing. And to get to the point where I know what I’m doing I might join a friend in his endeavor to form an investment fund in the fintech ICO space. He seems to have great knowledge of this area and just by joining the team I could probably learn tremendously, plus, make some nice profits in that space. That said, it’s high risk, high return. But his strategy decreases the downside drastically, while leaving the upside.

So let’s see how this goes. I will continue writing about my learnings in this area, as well as in other areas that interest me. This includes obviously my thirst for inner teachings, physical and mental health and things that matter and change the world for the better.

To a great 29th year Toto!


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