Designing the next chapter of my life

By Torsten


September 25, 2017

Interesting days. Today I’ve been on a 22 hour water fast. I really needed that. Have been thinking about it since weeks but didn’t find the right time. Or motivation I guess. But now I’m back. My willpower is strong and my bodies energy probably at 95%. All in line for the next chapter. Though this time I’m a bit more clueless than usual.

Just yesterday we’ve successfully founded the Better Me NGO in Germany which opens up a whole new level of possibilities that I didn’t even see before. At the same time I’m spending almost every minute every day in research and learning. I realized that there’s something that’s been on my mind for a long time. Something that actually excites me. And that’s the blockchain. So I’m spending time digging into that. Parallel I’m still researching the German organic food market. It’s really impressive. I’m blown away by the products and businesses that exist here already. I would love to only buy from such conscious businesses. People are damn passionate about the topic. As passionate as I am. And I love to see that.

Also food sharing has become a big thing in Germany. Lot’s happening around the reduction of food waste. I’m just so so soooo happy to see all these things in the making. Or even in existence already.

At the same time I’ve been following the Ecommcon online conference for Ecommerce. Some really interesting talks in there. Actually two who really stood out. I love listening to successful (7-9 figure businesses) entrepreneurs that have integrity and are conscious about the bigger picture. These guys know it’s never about the money, but the positive impact they make with they products and/ or by giving back. More than ever I’m sure the world is changing positively. More and more people in power positions are waking up and support global change. It makes my heart sing! 🙂

Though selling random shit from China online is not an option for me at all, as it doesn’t align with my values and principles, I’m still very curious about the Ecommerce space in terms of products that are good for the people and the world.

In summary I’ve nailed down my interests so far to the following areas:

  1. Social impact/ Entrepreneurship
  2. Blockchain + Crypto Currencies/ Investment
  3. Organic food/ health products
  4. Public speaking/ Leadership Coaching
  5. Business Strategy/ Creative Marketing/ Ecommerce

All above with a mix of rational strategic thinking and creative artsy imagination. That’s me.

And as I’m in the process of designing the next chapter of my life, I better find the overlap between all the above areas to be really happy, excited and full of energy every morning when I wake up!

Who knows what’s next. But I’m already excited because I know it’s going to be epic!



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