20plenty, I am ready for you

By Torsten


December 29, 2019

You sneaky delicious organic spinach (from our land here at #soulvalley), little did I know that your leafy wisdom would help me greatly with my desire to encapsulate this year into words that would actually pay homage to it all…

How did so much happen in just 12 month? How do I even explain the feeling when I stood on stage during Soul Circus’s grand finale “The Greatest Show for Earth”, showered in bright lights and smoke, an energy so tangible, standing ovations, time came to a standstill, sound disappeared, absolute stillness for a heartbeat that felt like eternity. A deep knowing that we did it. 21 transformative days for 45 people and an entire town. We really did it.

The feelings throughout, when holding space for individuals, groups and teams… knowing that what ever they came for to receive, will be shown to me just at the perfect time… resulting in me being witness to the life-altering transformation of hundreds, receiving showers of gratitude, peaking on joy beyond human reasoning… for nothing but deep listening and being truly present.

The moment when watching the first cut of our trailer for our tv series #thrivors … the jaw-dropping emotions of eternal bliss. The unbelievable knowing that this is going to change the game for ever.

The comfort and pleasure of feeling at home like never before… not based on location but on deepest truth and heart connections. A soul family where ever I go.

The crisp clarity of the woman I am looking forward to meet, to open my heart, give my everything and receive her in sacredness, to adventure and share our aliveness, to raise children with the heart of lions and freedom of our souls.

And finally, this knowing of who I really am and what I am called to do.

Gratitude to all your courageous souls who touched my heart this year.

#20plenty, I am ready for you. ✨🙏💓

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