What to do next when the possibilities seem endless?

By Torsten


September 1, 2016

What to do next. That’s always the big question most globetrotters have to ask themselves. It’s a never ending pursuit of the next thing and it can become really tiresome. I’ve been trying to find my next big goal for a while now. A goal gives you a direction to follow. All decision become easy now as you will always decide for towards your goal. Without a goal, life is difficult to enjoy. From my personal experience I tend to take the passenger seat if I don’t know what to do. It’s a great way to avoid decision making but also a great way into misery.

You want to master your decisions and not rely on others to make them for you.

Anyways, the 10 day Vipassana have brought up some old ideas and dreams and mixed those with new knowledge and experience. It felt so real when I envisioned it in every detail. I was sure I’ll follow up on them. Now that I’m back in the real world I struggle again. I’m unsure again.

But I think I’m close to decide. Actually I might have made my decision already. The great thing with decisions is that once you have made them, everything is fine again. You are now bound towards what ever you decided. And either you win or you learn. But at least you move forward.

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I’m very aware of my situation and I try to find out what holds me back from moving. Mastering the mind is a process.

Talk soon,


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