Letter to myself. Read this when you feel down!

By Torsten


August 10, 2016

Life can be quite a rollercoaster. Especially now that I’m floating around without a clear goal and with all the problems on my back. So here is something I shall never forget.

Torsten, think about all the goodness you added to this world already. Think about all the hearts you touched. All the children you educated. All the people you inspired. All the places you’ve visited. All the adventures you’ve experienced. All the sunsets you’ve watched. You’ve already achieved so much more than most people on this planet will do in their lifetime.

Here is just one of many messages you received:

Dear Torsten, I consider heroes people like you, and I thank you for the good you do in the world. I’m glad to have known you and to be been able to help you , even if very little too.
Live long and prosper. Forever!

I know you want more. You are hungry and you feel that you are unsuccessful because you are almost broke. But that’s okay. There is no reason to be worried or down.

Remember, life is pretty fair. Everyone will get what one deserves. Sometime it just takes some time for the universe to catch up with your actions.

Enjoy the ride. Enjoy every moment. Stop being concerned about the future. Everything will fall into place. Everything happens for a reason.

You are trying to do good for the world and the people. Which is still a selfish action. You are seeking happiness and fulfillment by helping others. It’s a wonderful thing to be selfish as long as you create a win win for everyone.

Life is an experience itself. Keep enjoying it. Do what’s needed. Stop pressuring yourself into your own street bubble.

You know that you do the best you can.

The future will be bright no matter what. You are a good man. Keep it up but take care of yourself too. Make every minute count. Don’t waste it being worried about your massive dreams. Step by step you get ahead.

You can be both. Happy and hungry.

Much love, light and happiness,


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