Sounds like a plan! Combining my creative & strategic mind

By Torsten


October 1, 2017

What a beautiful Birthday I had. Thank you all for making this day so special.

Last night I went to my old friends in my old hometown (from like 2012). We sat at a friends house in the garden around the fire. Many of my old good friends came by and we had a beautiful evening. This friend circle has been together for ages, almost as far back as my memory goes, and it’s still strong and healthy today. I love coming back and feeling home from the first second. It’s like nothing had changed. And no time had passed. Even though I’ve been gone for over five years now and only be back a few days every couple of years. It really made me realize yet again how blessed my life is. And I’m extremely grateful for all of it.

It’s now Sunday. Yesterday I had to break my writing and didn’t get back into it. Which means I’ve got 2000 words to do today. Though hopefully not all in one post.

I’m currently busy preparing paperwork for my South Africa film industry visa. Very exciting to think I’ll be back in Cape Town and experiencing this industry. I love trying new things and this is a great opportunity to do so.

So this morning is pretty packed. I’ll finish my writing, have breakfast with mom and hop on the call with Soul Circus. Afterwards we will visit my grandpa and then it’s already time to take a bus to Berlin. I’m looking forward for the ride as it will allow me to listen to my audiobooks. I think that’s probably the mayor reason that I enjoy long bus rides.

Tomorrow in Berlin I’ll bring my application to the SA embassy and from there I can do nothing but wait to hear back from them. Fingers crossed on that one!

Now to the more interesting stuff. A new Vision.

Last night, after being out for dinner with my mom and her partner I had a moment of clarity. And I could see something that’s been in front of my eyes, but now I connected the dots and it just revealed itself as the most probable way for me to achieve my goals, and live the life I want to live.

Here’s what I wrote immediately when we arrived back home:

I just had a download. My strength and an area where I get really excited is creative & strategic marketing. I love genius marketing ideas. Having a strategic and creative mind is my edge. It’s my speciality.  This might be the area I should build my authority. A name in that industry will bring me around the world. A consultancy firm, the most innovative, ingenious and creative of all. A global media company.
How my writing and crypto plays into this is something I’ll have to figure out.

I think this came up because I had a 1,5 hours Skype call with our team in Kenya yesterday. Mostly about our Child Sponsorship Program which we only launched about two month ago, but haven’t had really time to refine and push it. Now that our team has grown to five including me, we’ve enough time and brain power to really turn the next few month into a rocket ship on steroids. I’m hungry to get our non-profit project financially stable. We all are. And during that call yesterday I came up with great ideas and a first strategic plan, including goals, to get us into safe waters until Christmas this year. Having such a big team really excited me and allows us to go the extra mile in many different areas. This will help us to greatly distinguish us from other organizations and grow our reach globally. We’ve already a donor base of over 50 nationalities and a volunteer network in over a dozen countries. It’s time to activate our resources and make things happen together.

But back to my vision. I think the thought process and excitement put the dots finally together. I love creating strategies, developing creative solutions and imagining ingenious marketing ideas, plus putting it all into practice of course. And I’m given exactly that opportunity now with Better Me. It’s basically going to be my runway where I can refine tactics and skills to take them into the world. My goal will be to then create a media company and take my skills as a consultancy firm globally.

This all really excites me. Which is a good sign that it’s the right direction to pursue for now. Using my imagination, my creative mind in combination with my strategic, solution driven mind is exactly the space where I belong. And this is my opportunity to take things to the next level. And I will.

Breaking my vision into achievable goals.

Or basically a rough plan. Let’s see what I can come up with just now:

Step 1: Create a company brand, website and so on
Step 2: Consult Better Me in it’s efforts to grow rapidly in Q4 of 2017 and become financially stable. Additionally I’m going to consult Soul Circus in it’s growth efforts too.
Step 3: After achieving results, use them to leverage the firms authority in the marketing space and find customers, until customers find me.

Step 4:

Help sustainable brands to grow their impact, travel the world for business, be financial free. Grow the firm to one of the biggest player in ingenious marketing.

It’s a win win win. And I’m going to start visualizing myself having achieved this goal in just about 363 days. I can see myself on stage in front of an big audience where I deliver a keynote. I’m having fun, loving every moment. The audience is in awe, laughing, crying, deeply engaged. Standing aviation follows my talk. I’m the men that changes the world by growing the impact of world changing organizations and companies. That’s my mission for the foreseeable future. And I feel really great in it!

With love, grace and all things YAY! 🙂


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  1. Ben Abila

    Way to go brother. Am keenly watching you. The best inspiration and mentor I really want to relate and learn from. Just know am always watching.


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