Morocco | REWILD – The Road to no(w)here. Spiritual Adventure Retreat | 16-23 May 2020



Courageous gentle woman and men,

Great Spirit is calling a group of us to Morocco. This is an expedition into the unknown depth of our human existence. I've been given nothing but the knowing of when and where. There's no why and only little how.

REWILD - the road to no(w)here

For all I know is that we will write our path together. In the now and here. This journey will only exist once and it is not for everyone. Only you will know wether you are ready. And when you are, I am right behind you. 

This journey will be

  • An Immersive Experience to discover your true nature, your authentic being & original blueprint.
  • A Road Trip to radically transform your life by learning to listen and trust deeply.
  • A Safe Space to release blocks, luggage of the past and limiting anythings.
  • An Adventure to re-wild your Self, peak on joy and unleash your innate wisdom.
  • A Skill Share of tools & practices that support your self-realization and transformation.
  • A Celebration of truth, love, authenticity, inspiration and joy.
  • A Quest to embody your greatest light and share it confidently with our world.
  • A Communal Culture of truth, deep trust and authentic being.
  • A Joyous Weaving of like-minded souls & wisdom keepers to learn, grow & expand.
  • A Body, Mind, Heart and Soul Detox from the normal way of life to reset your system, accelerate new states of radiance & enhance your holistic well-being.


Join me into an unknown adventure to be, learn and grow.
Open your heart, dive deep and laugh out loud.

Yes it’s gonna be strong.

Highlights / What you can expect

  • A practice of allowing instead of trying.
  • Spiritual practice/ Meditation/ Yoga.
  • Dance & secret awakening.
  • Circling.
  • Pure road-trip adventure.
  • Conscious reflection & sharing.
  • Deep internal work.
  • Guided 1on1 and group process.
  • A practice of allowing instead of knowing.
  • Roads leading to no(w)here.
  • Fresh air, hot air, cold air, wet air.
  • Sunsets and sunrises, mountains, swimming in the ocean and dancing in the desert, fire.
  • A tribe of truly connected woman and men.
  • An experience for your history book.

What this is not

This is not a sightseeing tour. We are going on a spiritual journey in a foreign country full of diversity and adventure. We may or may not visit tourist sites. And we may or may not drive daily. At this point for all we know, we are called to trust.

Important: All photos here are just to give you a feel for the country. Please do not have any expectation to see any of those locations. We will follow our hearts and see what we see.

What is expected of YOU

A commitment to trust your Self and speak your truth.


Subject to flow.


The only details

Dates and Times: 16th 2pm - 23rd 1pm May 2020
Book your flight to arrive before 1pm on Saturday the 16th of May in Marrakesh and your return flight on Saturday the 23rd not earlier than 3pm.
Group size: This is an exclusive opportunity to join me on one of my magical adventures. The minimum group size is 2 + me, and limited to 6. I will setup a call with you to ensure you are ready for this journey.
Meals: All communal meals are plant-based, health conscious and co-created in community. We will cater for any dietary needs together. (More info below)
Getting around: We will have a spacious rental car or van, depending on group size.
Accommodation: We will stay where the wind blows us. This could be anything from luxurious villas to camping in the desert. Be assured, you will always have a comfy bed.
Pre-departure: You will receive a complementary 60 minute coaching session with me to prepare you for the journey within.

Your Contribution

As much as I am the lead facilitator of this adventure, it is still a co-creation.
Outside the package fee, there is a minimum budget per participant of 140 Euro for food. When booking, you are committing to contribute this amount to our communal food budget. We will then go shopping together to cater for all dietary needs. And yes, we may not use the whole budget and refund ourselves.


Terms & Conditions

Deposit and payment:
An initial 50% deposit is due immediately to secure your spot.
The balance is due 6 weeks prior to departure.

This trip may be cancelled at any time due to unforeseeable events outside of my control.
A 100% refund will be issued in such case.

Refund policy:
Up to 90 days prior departure: 90% of your deposit is refundable.
Up to 42 days prior departure: 50% of your deposit is refundable.
Up to 30 days prior departure: 50% of your full price ticket is refundable.
Less than 30 days prior departure: 30% of your full price ticket is refundable.

Media release:
Part of the beauty of experiences like this, is to capture and share the joy by taking photographs and videos for marketing future events and as testimonials. We always try to be respectful of whatever we post. You will participate in an experience where photographers and videographers are there to capture the magic - this includes you! By attending you agree to consent to any photos or videos to be used for any marketing platforms that Torsten Kremser chooses. You may always email [email protected] if you find a picture or video that captures you in it that you wish to rather not be online.

Indemnity: And indemnity form has to be signed prior departure and is mandatory for all participants.

Powered by love.
See you in Morocco.