South Africa | Secret Sunrise ~Unleash Your Self~ Training Retreat | 27Feb – 1March 2020


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Greetings Secret Sunrisers!

We are extreeeemly excited to invite you to our very FIRST Secret Sunrise Retreat for 2020!

WHEN: 6pm Thursday 27th February – 2pm Sunday 1st March 2020.

WHEREIn Greyton, 2 hours from Cape Town, at the Blue Hippo Retreat Centre – immersed in nature and surrounded by beautiful mountains, forest and a dam.

* * * * * * * *

Born under African skies, the global movement Secret Sunrise aims to unite the world through music, movement and connection. Currently active in 16 cities across the world and growing rapidly, this global JOY TRIBE aims to get the world grooving. Join us in getting up and out of your comfort zones, dancing, connecting and sharing the joys of self-expression!

* * * * * * * *

What the “Unleash Your Self” retreat entails:

  • An Immersive Dance Experience to discover your true moving nature, your authentic body expression & original blueprint.
  • An Opportunity to radically transform your life by listening deeply & expressing your intuitive Self.
  • A Safe Space to release blocks and limiting anythings, while you re-wild your natural expression.
  • A Training to facilitate safe spaces & lead dances on the mic with your own flavor.
  • A Journey to unleash your innate wisdom and deepen your context of your sacred purpose.
  • A Skill Share of tools & practices that support your vocal empowerment & enhance your relationships, creativity & purpose.
  • A Quest to embody your unique voice to share your message & essence confidently with our world.
  • A Joyous Weaving of like-minded souls & wisdom keepers to learn, grow & expand alongside.
  • A Body, Mind, Heart Detox from the normal way of life to reset your system, accelerating new states of radiance & enhanced holistic wellbeing.

This Immersion is for those who are yearning to deepen their relationship with themselves and community. It is for those who are ready to hit the refresh button on their life & focus on improving the quality of holistic health (emotionally, spiritually, mentally & physically). It is for people who want to access new layers of authentic being, self-expression & those who are inspired to elevate their role as agents of Joy, Unity, Peace and Hope.

The Secret Sunrise journey to Unleash Your inner Sun:

Level 1 Accreditation* – Everyone starts here – This makes you an official certified instructor and a core part of our growing global dance movement. Plus you will gain the tools to lead your life and your community in Joy. With this certification, you will be able to lead sessions at Secret Sunrises anywhere globally.

Level 2 Accreditation* – For Level 1’s only – Move yourself into the next level of Dance. Instructing Vs facilitating. Energy body vs physical body. Inner Vs Outer Vs group dynamics in dance. Understand the dance field. Learn to hold team space, become a true dance leader, upskill your accreditation. Come increase your earning potential and add value to those working through Level 1.

Level 3 Accreditation* – For Level 2’s only – You are ready to unleash your full potential. Learn how to hold dance space completely on your own. Become a facilitator who can hold the space for private & corporate events and be mentor support for our growing family. Holding space alone demands self-confidence, inner calm and a sensitivity to read group energies. Highly recommended for the Level 2 facilitators ready to expand their sphere of influence.

200 Hour Teacher Training Course (SSTTC) Accreditation* – For Level 3’s only – You have become a remarkable facilitator with 30+ dances under your belt and you are now ready to share your wisdom further into the world. The SSTTC makes you a globally recognised Secret Sunrise Level 1 Teacher who is able to facilitate Secret Sunrise Level 1 Trainings worldwide.

* All accreditations allow you to work as a facilitator for Secret Sunrise sessions in your area … and anywhere around the world where SS dances are held.

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