My 2017 forecast

By Torsten


January 12, 2017

My 2017 forecast

I know I’ve absolute incredible friends around the world, doings lots of very different but somehow specific things and I also know that I’ve never been “THE GUY” for something specific. So for me it’s always hard to answer the question “What are you doing”. That might be my biggest weakness but might also be my biggest strength. Either way, it’s the way I currently roll and how I make things happen.

For 2017 I’ve a huge amount of very diverse projects going and I totally need help on all ends. So I thought I’ll just put out what I’m busy with and if someone feels he/she has the right talent/skills/network to contribute here’s our chance to connect!

=== Better Me Foundation ===

We maturing and urgently need to expand our amazing team (Lisa & Simon) on the ground! We are still financially unstable but somehow always make ends meet. Magic! 🙂 So we are looking for 2 new team members to join us asap.

This years focus:

– Building the new school! We’ve built a strong network of architects, engineers and supporters and this is going to happen! For this we need to approach CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives and research/ write grant applications to secure funding.
– Achieve financial sustainability via locally generated income. We are aiming to built greenhouses to produce organic tomatoes and other cash crops to generate income locally in Kenya
– CoDome – Coworkation in Kenya: Hosting Coworkations (for Digital Nomads) several times a year to support our project and inspire our children with the infinite possibilities to make a living online. We already started to train 10 of our girls coding 🙂

=== Nomad Convoy ===

Network event meets adventure & safari. We are still at the very beginning and will have our first run starting 21st February from Victoria Falls to Cape Town. The overall interest in Africa is rising (Digital Nomads Africa) and I feel that there’s huge potential to drive social change by using the Digital Nomad model to inspire people/ give knowledge and tools, to work themselves out of their conditioned environment. All one needs is internet, a laptop and some knowledge, inspiration & hope!

=== Soul Circus ===

Co-Founded just about a week ago by Nikki and me. The idea is developing rapidly and our first test-run is scheduled for June in co-op with Nomad Convoy and UP – Sharing the healing power of JOY, from Cape Town to Victoria Falls to match Greenpop‘s Zambia Festival of Action 2017! Join our newsletter to stay tuned:
The launch date for Soul Circus is then scheduled for early January 2018. It’ll be a convoy of artists and activators + a reality TV show, going on a year long journey from Cape Town to Kenya and back. This will also make me realize another dream of mine; becoming an actor! 🙂

=== Yggdrasil, Tree of Life at AfrikaBurn 2017 ===

My friends Agust & Nix, two absolute gems of visionary human beings, pulling off this multicultural mega project at Africa Burn this year and I’m super excited to be part of it. The Burn has been on my list since 3 years already and I couldn’t imagine a better time and better people to finally be part of it!

=== SaaS startup ===

Together with my superhuman friend Tanveer I’ve co-founded a software startup. A marketing tool/ automation for Facebook messenger & Facebook group management. This is purely business oriented project to help us make a passive living.

=== Settling down ===

Yes. I’ve been wanting to settle for a while now but thought I would find the place somewhere out there. In reality I found it already long time ago: Africa. That’s obviously not a place, but I just wanted to make that point. I feel home here. I feel centered. I love the wild and rawness, the different heartbeat, the drive to make change. And all my incredible and jaw-dropping inspiring friends! I will be based out of Cape Town mixed with Kenya for the foreseeable future and I’m really happy and excited! This also allows me to take much better care of my own health & overall lifestyle. Something that’s hard to achieve while being on the move all the time. Just need to work out the visa details 😛

So much happening. So many possibilities! And it might look easy and shiny from the outside. But here’s the truth: It’s fucking hard and basically I’m broke. Still, I know the rewards are all worth it and by now I’ve become a serious jack of all trades. Plus, the inner growth has been and will be absolute priceless.

If you made it this far, make sure to leave a comment. Especially if you think you could give me a hand on any of the above. You never know and if you don’t ask you don’t get 🙂

Much love, light and joyous vibes from Cape Town.

PS: My mom is going to arrive this Monday for 2 weeks whoop! This year started on a fast lane. Keep dreaming big. Keep taking action. Everything else will fall into place. It’s all in your mind 

Here’s the Facebook post:


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